The Ground Transportation of Punta Cana

Business hours: Sun-Fri form 8:00Am to 8:00pm, Saturdays Off.

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About us…

We are a safe ground transportation in Punta Cana, with a Simple user interface. Our service is the most Authentic in the Caribbean, provided by authentic Dominican people that believes in God.


in Punta Cana, is not an issue, however traffic can be wild; believe me our traffic laws works pretty much the same as in the rest of the world, but many Dominican people don't know them (It’s not the case of our drivers) that’s why there are some amusing things you can see in the Dominican Republic like: five people plus a goat riding one tiny moppet bike. We are drivers with experience in roads of Punta Cana and we are aware of the crazy situation that can happen in our streets.

We like it Simple.

You book, we supply.

Our Service,

the most authentic in the Caribbean; themed as ground pirates we offer transportation services, making sure your vacations start before the hotel, right in our vehicles, because everybody knows it doesn't start in the airport. Perfect timing, vehicles functioning at a 100% and a Dominican driver determined to drive you carefully to your Destination. If you want more, please tell us, we’ll like to hear you...

Real Dominican People

We are a society of Dominican humble people that doesn’t work for a foreign company; which means that all the profit goes to our community, to the people of Punta Cana. We are joyful, fun, and hard workers. We just want to be a successful company.